Target In-Store Shoppers

Performs the same or better than website retargeting | Incremental to online and first party data | High volume and continuously refreshed

Targeting Audiences

Location provides the clearest signal of customer interest and affinity.  Find your customers and best prospects using our tools and automatically export them to any programmatic or social media platform for Line Item level targeting.

OE Segmentation

Quorum DealID's segment Open Exchange inventory across all major SSP's, surfacing bid requests to consumers based subsets of what brick & mortar locations they visit. In addition to line item level parameters, this makes it possible for your DSP to also leverage audience data from inventory side.

Physical Attribution

Use our footfall data to learn more about the success of your marketing initiatives.  Measure traffic change and frequency in real time to better understand what targeting strategies are producing the best results, and reveal new opportunties for optimization.

Location Analysis

Gain valuable insight in to your customer and their journey to your location.  Measure market share, cross shopping, and local competition.

Car Dealers

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Political Advertising

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