Reach the Voters You Need

Quorum's location data technology identifies mobile devices in any areas you choose.   We find the voters you're looking to reach so you can activate them online.Current precinct level results, Census Tract data, and national voter files provide boundary data for building our audiences.  We have seamless integration with all major DSPs directly or with third party access.

target census tracts

We use current precinct results to score every Census Tract in the country for affiliation, activity, and key issues.

By finding trends within each Tract we target them with applicable elements of your campaign. Once the value of a given Tract is determined we use the precise geo boundaries to capture mobile devices. Starting with the address of a few voters we can identify the devices of their family members, friends and neighbors.

Avoid new restrictions on Meta

The power of persuasion on Meta properties Facebook and Instagram is undeniable. 

Meta has introduced new restrictions on targeting and content customization for restricted categories, including Political Advertising. Quorum can help you navigate this new landscape by providing total customization of creative, down to an individual Census Tract.
Take advantage of our direct, automated integration with Meta via Facebook Ads. Each Audience is automatically exported to Business Suite and available via audience selection.

hyper Local reach with national scale

Quorum covers every precinct in every state.

Political campaigns are always local, and we have the most detailed local data of all - mobile device location. We apply this level of precision to any campaign, and can deploy audiences for individual Census Tracts, entire states, or similar Tracts across the entire nation, together.
With national voter file data already processed to determine scoring, we're ready for your campaign of any scale.

Take a tour of our platform and discover how location-based audience data can power your political campaigns.