About Quorum

Powered by the largest, freshest, and most accurate universe of physical behavior signals, Quorum is the advertising industry’s leading unified data optimization platform for driving actions, outcomes, and commerce at scale.

Founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneur Ezra Doty with a vision of elevating Programmatic (Display/Native/CTV/OTT/OLV) and Out-Of-Home media by proving and increasing effectiveness for advertisers, Quorum has become a must-have for those looking to compete with the centralized optimization infrastructures and pixel network data assets of Walled Gardens.

With greater signal strength, interoperability, transparency, and control – advertisers can realize the true value from media running adjacent to high quality studio and newsroom produced content, and publishers can predictably deliver and report on outcomes that today’s national, regional, and local advertisers have come to expect. 

Together, Everything is Possible.