About Quorum Data

Quorum began with a vision for driving Out of Home advertising with mobile location data.  We developed proprietary technology for retargeting real world shoppers on digital media.  With this and other industry leading tools at hand we’ve built powerful products to help global businesses improve their advertising, attribution, and analytics.

We serve all types of manufacturers, retailers, and services who rely on in-store customers for their success.  Our advertising audiences help campaigns deliver measurable results.  Our footfall data informs strategy and provides valuable insight into market opportunities.  Our attribution platform helps marketers track the success of their efforts.

Meet the team

Ezra Doty | CEO

Before founding Quorum Ezra was CEO of Think Realtime, a DSP focused on automated real time bid price optimization and dynamic creative engine, which was acquired by Dealer.com (Cox Automotive), where he continued as General Manager of advertising sales, operations, and product development.
Involved in the media industry's digital transformation since day one, previous roles include: SVP at Universal Music Group and co-creator of Vevo.com; creator of the EverydayHealth.com audience network; creator of Jumpstart Automotive's audience targeting network while at Revenue Science, the industry’s first audience targeting platform; leading innovation around the earliest forms of rich media and advertising technology at CNN Turner Broadcasting, launching a small business focused "Yellow Pages" ad product for Knight Ridder, powered by Zip2, while at Philadelphia News Inc. in 1997.