What we do

We are a data science driven company. Building the technology that powers the next generation advertising 3.0. infrastructure. We bring together real-world and digital consumer behaviors to expand the way brands connect their products and services to consumers. Enabling them to dramatically improve their return on spend, reduce waste, and increase their traffic, sales, and leads online and in-store.

How we do

We bring the world of online and offline marketing together by integrating consumer data and advertising technology into a single cloud-based platform to understand, engage, and convert customers. Enabling true 360-degree omnichannel performance advertising across social, mobile, out of home, and all digital channels.

Meet the team

Ezra Doty | CEO

Before founding Quorum Ezra was CEO and co-founder of Think Realtime, a DSP focused on automated real time bid price optimization and dynamic creative engine, which was acquired by Dealer.com (Cox Automotive), where he continued as General Manager of advertising sales, operations, and product development.
Involved in the media industry's digital transformation since day one, previous roles include: SVP at Universal Music Group and co-creator of Vevo.com; creator of the EverydayHealth.com audience network; creator of Jumpstart Automotive's audience targeting network while at Revenue Science, the industry’s first audience targeting platform; leading innovation around the earliest forms of rich media and advertising technology at CNN Turner Broadcasting, launching a small business focused "Yellow Pages" ad product for Knight Ridder, powered by Zip2, while at Philadelphia News Inc. in 1997.

Ronald Mueller | Chief Scientist

As the Chief Scientist, founder and CEO of Macrosoft Inc., Ron has spent nearly 25 years applying his background in theoretical physics to create innovation based on new technologies and products such as data mining predictive analytics, machine learning and neural networks, Big Data and cloud-based applications. Ron has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from New York University, and worked in physics for over a decade at Yale University, The Fusion Energy Institute, and Argonne National Laboratory.

Ghulam Nabi Shah | CTO

Shah is the Chief Technology Officer of Macrosoft Inc, and a forward thinking, corporate leader with eighteen years’ experience delivering top notch customer solutions in large scale and enterprise business environments. Shaw’s deepest expertise includes enterprise-wide architecture, application migration, IT transformation, mobile, and offshore development management. Shah holds multiple professional and technical certifications, scholastic degrees and an MBA.